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Investigation made by Serge Farnel into the participation of white soldiers in the eradication of the last pocket of resistance to the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda.



This genocidal massacre on May 13 and 14, 1994 in Bisesero (west of Rwanda), one month and a half before "Operation Turquoise", killed nearly 50,000 Tutsi civilian victims. The Tutsi of Bisesero that french soldiers of "Operation Turquoise" abandonned during three days at the end of june 1994 were the rescapees of this massacre. This abandonment is likely to have been motivated by the concern that no witness remains of the participation of white soldiers (designated as French by former genocidaires who massacred Tutsi with them) in the massacre of May 13 . These two events are fore sure inseparable.

Information : This investigation disturbs some people who use their moral authority to spread slanderous rumors aimed at trying to disqualify both the investigator and the witnesses. Don't let yourself be swayed and do not turn away from the survivors who have had the courage to speak. LISTEN TO THEM BY CLICKING HERE.

Read the interview: The civilian resistance of Bisesero in audio podcasts.

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On May 13, 1994 in Bisesero in Rwanda on Kagari hill, Mr. Sylvain Nyakayiro saw white soldiers shooting at Tutsi civilians, among which he was, from Mataba hill.

"These white soldiers were killing Tutsi civilians, including my elder sister Mukasine Nelly, with very large guns."


Boniface Mutuyemungu on the same places in Bisesero in Rwanda on Nyiramakware hill:

"Saw police and two white soldiers shooting at us, Tutsi civilians, from Mumubuga hill."

"These white soldiers were killing Tutsi civilians, including my nine-year-old son Nkunrunziza, and my other son, Mazimpaka, aged 10, with very large arms."

Boniface mutuyemungu

Jean-Baptiste Hakizimana testifies in these terms:

"On May 13, 1994, while I was in Rwanda on Mumubuga hill, I saw militiamen, Rwandan soldiers and several white soldiers shooting at us, Tutsi civilians.."

"Later in the day, crossing the Rwirambo road towards the Kazirandimwe hills, I saw white soldiers on this Rwirambo road firing towards the Kagari and Muyira hills."

"On May 13, four members of my family died, my mother Colette Mukundufite, my sisters, Tatienne Mukangarembe, Emmanuelle Mudankaka, and Umuhoza."


Emmanuel Karibana testifies in these terms:

"On May 13, 1994, I saw white soldiers near the primary school near Mumubuga hill in BIsesero, Rwanda."

"These white soldiers were with the authorities of Gishyita commune. All of them were killing Tutsi civilians with very large firearms; including my family, we were opposite on Nyiramakware hill, that day my wife, Béata Nyirahavugimana, was killed, along with my 8-year-old daughter Kiromba and my 12-year-old son Nshimiyimana."